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Apply for a Scholarship

Thank you for your interest in Hoops For Hope financial Assistance.  We offer scholarship money to families with students that attend a Clackamas High School feeder school or who attend Clackamas High School.  The money may be used for students who would like to pursue an academic, athletic, artistic, or other educational endeavor.

To apply for financial assistance, please complete the following form and hit submit. All applications are kept confidential.

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  • ‚ÄčThe youth applying for the scholarship attends a school that feeds into Clackamas High School or attends Clackamas High School.
  • Paying the full amount of the activity or program I am requesting the scholarship for would be a financial hardship on our family. 
  • The activity or program in which I am applying for the scholarship falls under the category of an academic, athletic, artistic or an educational endeavor.
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