Rules and Policies

The intent of these Rules and Policies is to provide reasonable safety and protection, to create an atmosphere of good sportsmanship and fair play, and to establish consistent guidelines for this community event.  Any unforeseen circumstances that should arise that are outside these rules and policies will default to the tournament organizers discretion.


Good sportsmanship and cooperation is both anticipated and expected.  The team captain or designated coach is expected to aid in controlling teammates’ and team followers’ conduct and to represent his/her team as a spokesperson in case of appeals to the basketball official. Poor sportsmanship may result in penalties against the team, such as a Technical, Intentional or Flagrant foul. Failure to comply with the sportsmanship policy , with acts such as fighting, taunting, intimidating or verbally attacking a tournament official, player or spectator may lead to removal of that player, team and/or spectator from the tournament.  Additional suspension for such acts will be determined by event organizers on a case by case basis.

Tournament Rules

Keeping Score:  All baskets made from on or inside the 2-point arc count for one point. All baskets made from outside the 2-point arc count for 2 points. Free throws count for one point each.

Games are played to 20 points or a 20-minute running clock time limit.  Exceptions for the running clock are injuries, time outs and referee’s discretion.

If at the end of the 20 minutes the score is tied overtime will be played.  In overtime, the target score is 2 points greater than the two teams’ current score at the end of regulation.  For example, if the score was 8-8, the target score is 10.  The first team to reach the target score of 10 is the winner!

Time Outs:
Each team gets ONE 30 second time out per game in regulation.  Should the game go into overtime, each team will receive another 30 second time out for Overtime.  Unused timeouts from regulation will not be carried to overtime.  The clock will stop during timeouts.

Coin Toss:
A coin toss will take place before the game to determine the first possession.

Basketball Size:
All female brackets and males grades 3-6 will play with a 28.5 ball.  Full size ball is used for male brackets in 7th-12th grades.  Teams must bring their own ball for the game.

Basket Height:
All baskets will be 10 feet.

Free Throw Line:
Free Throw line is 15 feet.

Substitutions can only be made on a “dead ball” or during time outs.

Jump Ball:
In a jump ball situation, the ball will first go to the team that lost the opening coin toss, alternating possessions thereafter.

Checked Ball:
The ball must be “checked” by an opposing player before it is put into play.  Once the ball has been checked it must be passed in to begin play.  The check-in must occur behind the designated line above the 2 point arc. The on-ball defender must remain behind the 2 point arc until the ball is checked and possessed.

Taking It Back:
The ball will be “taken back” on each change of possession, regardless of whether or not a shot was attempted.  “Taking it Back” means both feet AND the ball must be behind the 2 point arc.  Failure to “take it back” results in loss of possession and any points just scored.

Ball out of Bounds:
A ball out of bounds will be taken out from the back court line (under the basket)

Change of Possession:
The ball will change possession after scored baskets.  There will be no “make it, take it” rule.  A change of possession also occurs after a free throw shot regardless if it is made or missed.

The referee will call the fouls.  All non-shooting fouls shall result in one free throw.  All missed shooting fouls within the 2 point arc shall result in 1 free throw shot and all 2 point shot fouls (outside the 2 point arc) will result in 2 free throw shots. When a foul is called and the basket is made, the basket counts and one free throw shot is awarded.  A change of possession results following the last free throw shot, regardless of whether the free throw is made or missed, with the exception of intentional or flagrant fouls described below.

Intentional Fouls:
An intentional foul is a foul designed to neutralize an opponent’s obvious advantageous position. It is a foul which, based on a referee’s observation of the act, is not a legitimate attempt to directly play the ball. A foul shall also be ruled intentional, based on the referee’s observation of the act, if while attempting to play a ball, a player causes excessive contact. An intentional foul results in two free throw shots and the offended team maintains possession of the ball, which is taken at the backcourt line.

Flagrant Fouls:
A flagrant foul may be of a violent or savage nature, or an act, which displays unacceptable conduct. It may or may not be intentional. It may also involve dead ball contact or dialogue which is extreme or persistent, savage or abusive. A flagrant foul results in two free throw shots and the offended team maintains possession of the ball, which is taken out at the backcourt line. The player committing the foul will be suspended from play for the remainder of that game. The court monitor, referee, or tournament official’s decision is final. Further, any ejection will be reviewed and removal from the remainder of the tournament will be left up to the sole discretion of the Tournament Director.

Technical Fouls: All technical fouls, including taunting, baiting, trash talking, and profanity will result in two free throws and possession of the ball. A second technical foul will result in disqualification for the remainder of the game.

Tiebreaker Rule within a pool:
In the event of a two-team tie, the outcome is decided by the winner of the head to head game between the two tied teams.  If three or more teams are involved in a tie, the winner will be determined by the point differential for all games played, with no maximum for the differential. Forfeits will be scored as a +5/-5 for the differential.

We will do our very best to provide schedules by Thursday morning before the tournament.  This is a SUNDAY ONLY tournament.  Games could be as early as 8:00am and will continue into the evening depending on amount of participants.  There is a 3 game guarantee.  Most levels it is double elimination format but still have the 3 game guarantee.

Based on amount of participants, we aim to have 2 levels at each grade level, a recreational division and a competitive division.

A player may only play on ONE team.

Game Times:
Teams must be ready to begin play at their scheduled start time.  Teams not at their court for their scheduled game are given a five minute grace period before a forfeit is enforced.

The Fine Print:
Event organizers shall have the power to make all decisions on any points not specifically covered in the Rules and Policies and shall have the sole authority to interpret the intent and purpose of these Rules & Policies.  Event organizers reserve the right to disqualify any player and/or team for infractions of tournament rules and policies.